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The Quarantine time has been hard on everyone. Now, as we are coming out, we are ready to regather as a church! However, we do not wish to do this in a haphazard or foolish way. This virus was serious and we need to still take it seriously. And yet, with some effort, we can begin to meet again while mitigating the risk of spreading the disease further.

The above picture gives the highlights of the plan in an easy to understand way. What follows is further details to help us understand what we are planning to do.

During All Phases:

  • Those who are sick, or have been around sick people that week, are expected to stay home so as not to infect others with any illness
  • Those who fall into the most at-risk categories for complications from COVID-19 are encouraged to stay home. This includes those over age 65 and those with underlying health conditions. This also includes those who are in regular contact with those in the most at-risk categories
  • Remember, coming to church is a joy and celebration, but we should not feel we MUST attend when there is compelling wisdom to be cautious. We want to be in the house of God, and God is pleased with that desire whether or not we make it that day.
  • The use of facemasks are not required. We certainly allow them, and encourage anyone who would be uncomfortable without one to wear it 
  • Small Groups will continue in all phases, as will online videos

Phase 1

  • Begins May 22, as Perry County moves into the state "Yellow" phase of reopening
  • In this stage we have Small Groups only, without any Sunday worship service
  • All are encouraged to observe Social Distancing guidelines

Phase 2

  • Begins June 7
  • Sunday Worship Service will resume at 10:15
  • There will not be Sunday School or Children's programs, including nursery 
  • This service will be as contact-free as possible; we ask everyone to refrain from shaking hands and to observe social distance guidelines
  • Every other pew in the sanctuary will be closed, and we ask that every person or family that comes sit on the ends of the pews that are open. This seating arrangement will ensure that there will be 6 feet of distance between people during the service
  • Ushers will not pass an offering plate, nor will the elders pass communion plates. Since everyone sits close to the aisle there will be no need to pass plates

Phase 3

  • Will begin on a day yet to be determined
  • All pews will be open
  • Social Distancing will still be encouraged
  • Offering and Communion plates will begin to be passed. There will be contact-free options for those who would not wish to pass a plate
  • Nursery, Children's Church and Sunday School resume, with intensified cleaning following children's programs

Phase 4

  • Will begin on a day yet to be determined
  • All church functions resume
  • Social Distance guidelines are removed
  • Fellowship dinners and other large gatherings resume
  • Contact-free options for offering and Communion will continue


If you have any questions about this plan, please do not hesitate to contact the church office!

717 834-4893